Friday, February 26, 2010

We Need a Revision of the King James Bible

We are living in a day where many translations exist on the market for Christians to choose from. Many people have put forth arguements for and against various translations. Confusion abounds among the people of God, and the debate has been reduced in many places to emotional appeals, faulty comparisons, and ad hominem attacks. I preached this message in a Sunday School service at Faith Independent Baptist Church. I pray it will bless you.

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Nickolaus Pacione said...

The New King James Version had improved upon the errors of the 17th and 18th century editions; but let me ask -- if you grew up in a 20th Century Village, became a Christian in the 20th Century; the Bible that works for me was born in a 20th century village. as in I will use the pre-2011 NIV and NLT versions as I picked apart the King James Version only types within my written testimony as a full length book and in my own blog. So let me ask this; who did you get your theology and psuedohistory from. Kent Hovind as he's not a fucking scientist. I am more qualified to teach science than he is as a science fiction writer. But I guess you never heard real words used as you dine on your piss and eat your own dung.
     You never deal with a seven time author and yes I do venture on your websites and comment on your blogs to engage you because I don't like playing gang up on your damned groups like your leader as I am a literature/journalism major and went to college for Philosophy so don't yank out Col 2:8 at me because I can apply it to King James Only types. Dave Buzulak didn't realize he wasn't a match for me as he tried to prove to be one as you're prideful in being a fool. Educating myself there is no shame in having intelligence and applying it as Solomon had the intelligence. God used something I didn't think much about as He got a project I edited into The Poe Museum. I've seen one of those damned movies which is New World Order Versions as I am not against modernism because without modernism I wouldn't be a published author or a publisher for that matter. No lie is of the truth and you should remember that as I can say what I will say without spouting scripture outright and when I do it's well timed to pack a wallop as an author.
     Maybe you should read this and wonder why Christians writers are treated like a joke but when someone like me, Jeremy Robinson and Frank (This Present Darkness) emerged writers who are faith based became very effective. Dare I say occasionally punishing and real. We're uncensored and unrestrained as we're staring reality right in the eyes. The joke is on those who doubt when Christians are belting out Gothic Literature that's convincing as Edgar Allan Poe or H. P. Lovecraft. When you realize what I am trying to accomplish; you read the deal when high school students get their Bibles pulled from them in a public school. Give them a cool read where some of the writers happen to be Christians. You seen this right -- Student gets suspended times three for passing out tracts. Time to re-think how to share your faith when that happens though I had re-affirmed in 2007 former things passed away as the legalistic world of religion is dead to me. That's not preaching the Gospel but approaching people where they are and showing them you're genuine about what you believe and showing you're human is.