Friday, June 17, 2011

A brief update

Wow, over a year and four months since the last post. Not to say how late my articles are. I have a lot that I could say. I have a lot that I want to say. I have been through quite a bit in the last sixteen months. Let me just summarize by this:
I bought a bookstore over a year ago, and turned it from unprofitable to profitable. It wasn't quite profitable enough to pay my rent and utilities for home, but it was paying for itself and then some.
A few months ago I entered into contract, buying another bookstore; one that could potentially sustain our needs.
For a little while, yet, I have the first bookstore to pay rent toward. An expense I do not enjoy and want to be free from as soon as possible. God will take care of it.
Then there are personal issues, and these I will not detail; but I hope to write articles that will be a blessing to everyone who reads them, and will help you to walk with God.
I will tell you this, Satan is our adversary. He hates us who belong to God. He wants us to be defeated, he wants our lives in ruins. He can't make that happen, but he desires to have all of us that he may sift us as wheat. You remember what he did to Peter? Oh, but Jesus prayed for Peter! The devil didn't know what he was doing when he messed with Peter. When the storm clouds rolled away, Peter stood up on Pentecost and began the turning of the world upside down! The devil still hasn't learned after all these years. That old serpent with curse the day he laid his hands on me.

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